Welcome! This web site is dedicated specifically to the history of North American-made pop-up campers. Primarily this web site will accomplish three goals. First it will explore the history of the pop-up camper and its origins. Second, it will document the manufacturers who produced and sold pop-up campers throughout the 20th century. Included with each manufacturer will be photoshop restored brochures, advertisements, news and magazine articles. And third it will establish a web-based presence that others can use as a reference.

Although this web site contains much information this job is nowhere near complete, nor will it ever be. There is no way I can find and extract every piece of information out there by myself. That is where you come in. Please take the time to donate a digital scan of any material you have to this web site All the material you are enjoying was donated by me or someone else. Check back often as this web site is continuously being updated with new material. (Note: when you visit a web site often you need to press the F5 key to see new material that has been posted since your last visit.) Enjoy the adventure!

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See the RV Founders Hall at the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum. Included are several pop-up campers from the early years. Great museum!


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